West Bengal Civil Service Preliminary Exam Quiz-44


The following quiz will have 20 General Studies Multiple Chose Questions for West Bengal Civil Service preliminary exam and also helpful other competitive exams like State PSC (BPSC, JPSC, MPSC, OPSC, RPSC, PPSC, UPPSC etc.) exams, UPSC (CDS and NDA), Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) exams, Staff Selection Commission exams (CGL, CHSL and MTS) and other competitive exams.
Hope this quiz will be helpful to you all!

1. Which one of the following was a very important seaport in the Kakatiya Kingdom?
[A] Kakinada
[B] Motupalli
[C] Machilipatnam
[D] Nelluru

Correct Answer: [B] Motupalli
Explanation: The Kakatiya dynasty was a south Indian dynasty whose capital was Orugallu, now known as Warangal. It was eventually conquered by the Delhi Sultanate. Ganapati was the most powerful of the Kakatiya rulers who built an extensive empire stretching from the Godavari district up to Chingelput, and from Yelgandal upto the sea. Motupalli, now in Krishna district, was an important seaport in his kingdom frequented by foreign merchants. This port was visited by Venetian traveler, Marco Polo.

2. Which one of the following books of ancient India has the love story of the son of the founder of Shunga dynasty?
[A] Swapnavasavadatta
[B] Malavikagnimitram
[C] Meghadoota
[D] Ratnavali

Correct Answer: [B] Malavikagnimitram
Explanation: Malavikagnimitram is the love story of King Agnimitra and the court dancer Malavika. King Agnimitra was son of Pushyamitra Shunga the founder and hero of the Shunga dynasty.

3. Which of the following philosophy is associated with Ramanujacharya?
[A] Vishishtadvaita
[B] Dvaita
[C] Advaita
[D] None of above

Correct Answer: [A] Vishishtadvaita
Explanation: Ramanujacharya is famous as the chief proponent of Vishishtadvaita subschool of Vedanta.Vishishtadvaita is a non-dualistic school of Vedanta philosophy. It is nondualism of the qualified whole, in which Brahman alone exists, but is characterized by multiplicity. It can be described as qualified monism.It is a school of Vedanta philosophy which believes in all diversity subsuming to an underlying unity.

4. Which of the following book was lost for millennia and whose copy was found in 1905 by R. Shamashastry?
[A] Indica of Megasthenes
[A] Banabhatta’s Kadambari
[C] Dashamukhacharita by Dandin
[D] Arthashatra by Kautilya

Correct Answer: [D] Arthashatra by Kautilya

5. Which of the following foreign visitors had visited Vijayanagar Empire?
[A] Ibn Battuta
[B] Nicolo de Conti
[C] Abdur Razzak
[D] All of the above

Correct Answer: [D] All of the above
Explanation: Many foreign travelers visited the Vijayanagar Empire and their accounts are also valuable. The Moroccan traveler, Ibn Battuta, Venetian traveler Nicolo de Conti and the Portuguese traveler Domingo Paes were among them who left valuable accounts on the socio-economic conditions of the Vijayanagar Empire.

6. With reference to the administration of Palas and Pratihars, the term ‘Uparika’ refers to:
[A] Head of a province
[B] Military chief
[C] Chief revenue officer
[D] Head judicial system

Correct Answer: [D] Head judicial system
Explanation:Different administrative related terms used during the period of Palas:
1. Province (Bhukti),
2. Governor (Uparika),
3. District (Mandal or Visaya)
4. Head of District (Visayapati)

7. The famous bronze sculpture of Nataraja is a masterpiece of which dynasty?
[A] Pallavas
[B] Cheras
[C] Cholas
[D] Pandyas

Correct Answer: [C] Cholas
Explanation: The masterpiece of Chola sculpture is the famous Natraja or the Dancing Shiva image at the great temple of Chidambaram. The Nataraja has been described as the “cutura epitome” of the Chola period.

8. Arrange the following dynasties which ruled Vijayanagar empire in chronological order
1. Tuluva dynasty
2. Sangama dynasty
3. Saluva dynasty
4. Aravidu dynasty

[A] 4-3-2-1
[B] 3-4-1-2
[C] 2-3-1-4
[D] 1-2-3-4

Correct Answer: [C] 2-3-1-4
Explanation: Two brothers Harihara (Hakka) I and Bukka Raya laid the foundation of the Vijaynagar city, which was on the South bank of Tungabhadra. There were four dynasties ruled over Vijaynagar in chronological order: Sangama Dynasty, Saluva Dynasty, Tuluva Dynasty and Aravidu Dynasty.

9. ‘IC chips’ for computers are usually made of which metal?
[A] Iron oxide
[B] Chromium
[C] Silica
[D] Silicon

Correct Answer: [C] Silica
Explanation: An integrated circuit, commonly referred to as IC, is a microscopic array of electronic circuits and components that has been diffused or implanted onto the surface of a single crystal, or chip, of semiconducting material such as silicon.

10. Which one of the following blood pigments contains copper?
[A] Haemoerythrin
[B] Haemocyanin
[C] Chlorocruorin
[D] Haemoglobin

Correct Answer: [B] Haemocyanin
Explanation: Haemocyanin (hemocyanin) A blue, copper-containing, respiratory pigment that is found free in the blood plasma of molluscs and crustaceans.

11. In an electric bulb, a little Nitrogen or Argon is introduced at a low pressure to
[A] Cool the bulb’s filament
[B] Prevent the evaporation of the filament
[C] Withstand atmospheric pressure
[D] Increase the brightness of the filament

Correct Answer: [B] Prevent the evaporation of the filament
Explanation: Nitrogen or Argon is added in the bulb to create an inert environment so that the filament does not react. At this high temperature filament can react with oxygen and evaporate.

12. Acid rain is caused by the pollution of environment by?
[A] Carbon dioxide and nitrogen
[B] Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
[C] Ozone and carbon dioxide
[D] Nitrous oxide and sulphur dioxide

Correct Answer: [D] Nitrous oxide and sulphur dioxide
Explanation: The main chemicals in air pollution that create acid rain are sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen (NO2). Acid rain usually forms high in the clouds where sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides react with water, oxygen, and oxidants. This mixture forms a mild solution of sulphuric acid and nitric acid.

13. Sounds above which decibel level are considered as physically painful
[A] 80 dB
[B] 60 dB
[C] 30 dB
[D] 40 dB

Correct Answer: [A] 80 dB
Explanation: Normal conversation is about 60 dB, a lawn mower is about 90 dB, and a loud rock concert is about 120 dB. In general, sounds above 85 are harmful.

14. The excess discharge of fertilizers into water bodies results in:
[A] Silt
[B] Death of Hydrophytes
[C] Eutrophication
[D] Growth of fish

Correct Answer: [C] Eutrophication
Explanation: Eutrophication or hypertrophication is an enrichment of water by nutrient salts that causes structural changes to the ecosystem such as: increased production of algae and aquatic plants, depletion of fish species, general deterioration of water quality and other effects that reduce and preclude use.

15. . If BOD of river water is found very high, it means water:
[A] Its clean
[B] Its highly polluted
[C] Its having algae
[D] Contains dissolved minerals

Correct Answer: [B] Its highly polluted
Explanation: Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD, also called Biological Oxygen Demand) is the amount of dissolved oxygen needed (i.e. demanded) by aerobic biological organisms to break down organic material present in a given water sample at certain temperature over a specific.

16. Who has been appointed as the first Chancellor of Haryana Sports University?
[A] Abhinav Bindra
[B] Virendra Sehwag
[C] Kapil Dev
[D] None of above

Current Affairs September 2019

Correct Answer: [C] Kapil Dev

17. Which film has become the only Indian film to feature in the Guardian list of 100 Best Films of the 21st century?
[A] Lagaan
[B] Gangs of Wasseypur
[C] Taare Zameen Par
[D] Baahubali

Current Affairs September 2019

Correct Answer: [B] Gangs of Wasseypur

18. Where was the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) U-15 Championship 2019 held?
[A] Goa
[B] Odisha
[C] Manipur
[D] West Bengal

Current Affairs September 2019

Correct Answer: [D] West Bengal

19. In which city, India’s first Central Police University will be established?
[A] Guwahati
[B] Pune
[C] Kolkata
[D] Greater Noida

Current Affairs September 2019

Correct Answer: [D] Greater Noida

20. Name the 5000th railway station of India, which has been enabled with Wi-fi?
[A] Midnapore railway station
[B] Kalyani railway station
[C] Balurghat railway station
[D] Bankura railway station

Current Affairs September 2019

Correct Answer: [A] Midnapore railway station

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