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West Bengal Civil Service Preliminary Exam Quiz-20


The following quiz will have 20 General Studies Multiple Chose Questions for West Bengal Civil Service preliminary exam and also helpful other competitive exams like State PSC (BPSC, JPSC, MPSC, OPSC, RPSC, PPSC, UPPSC etc.) exams, UPSC (CDS and NDA), Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) exams, Staff Selection Commission exams (CGL, CHSL and MTS) and other competitive exams.
Hope this quiz will be helpful to you all!

1. From the below identify the correct term which is collectively applied to all kinds of saline and alkaline soils in the plains of north India, particularly in Uttar Pradesh
[A] Regolith
[B] Talus
[C] Usar
[D] Reh

Correct Answer: [C] Usar
Explanation: Usar soil is widespread in India and it is a term collectively applied to all kinds of saline and alkaline soils in the plains of north India, particularly in Uttar Pradesh. ‘Reh’ is a white, grayish or ash-coloured salt that are found in low-lying plain areas in dry periods.
Regolith is simply mineral remains of decomposed rocks (no organic materials). It is soil that contains organic materials – such as roots of plants, fallen leaves, small animals such as worms, bacteria and so on.
Talus and scree are pile of rocks or collection of broken rock fragments at the base of crags, mountain cliffs, volcanoes or valley shoulders that has accumulated through periodic rockfall from adjacent cliff faces.

2. The new alluvial deposits found in the Gangetic plain are known as:
[A] Bhabar
[B] Bhangar
[C] Khadar
[D] Terai

Correct Answer: [C] Khadar
Explanation: Bhangar soil is older alluvial soil. Large parts of the North Indian Plains are formed of bhangar soil. The soil presents a terrace-like feature. Khadar soil is new or younger deposits of alluvium soil on the floodplains

3. In India, the terms, ‘reh’, ‘usar’, ‘kallar’, ‘chopan’ are relted to which of the following soils?
[A] Saline and Alkaline Soils
[B] Arid and Semi-Arid Soils
[C] Black Soil
[D] Red Soil

Correct Answer: [A] Saline and Alkaline Soils
Explanation: Saline and Alkaline soils are found in the arid and semi-arid parts of Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. These soils are known by different names such as ‘reh’, ‘usar’, ‘kallar’, ‘chopan’, etc

4. The most dominant type of soil of the state and covers most part of the state of West Bengal is

​[A] Lateritic soil
[B] Black soil
[C] Alluvial soil
[D] Red soil

Correct Answer: [C] Alluvial soil
Explanation: Alluvial soil (43%) is most dominant type of soil covers most part of India. Also alluvial soil is major soil type of West Bengal state.

5. Which among the following is part of major left-bank tributaries of river Ganga?
[A] Gomti
[B] Damodar
[C] Yamuna
[D] All of the above

Correct Answer: [A] Gomti
Explanation:The Ganges passes through the states of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal. Coursing 2,500 km, the Ganga is the longest river within India’s borders. The river basin spreads across 11 States (from Uttarakhand to West Bengal).
• Major left-bank tributaries include Gomti (Gumti), Ghaghara (Gogra), Gandaki (Gandak), and Kosi (Kusi)
• Major right-bank tributaries include Yamuna (Jumna), Son, Punpun and Damodar.

6. Which of the following river does not flow in a rift valley?
[A] Narmada
[B] Tapti
[C] Kaveri
[D] Damodar

Correct Answer: [C] Kaveri
Explanation: Rivers that flow thorough rift valley in India are: Narmada river, Tapti, Mahi (all flowing west) and Damodar (east flowing) river.

7. During the winters, Temperate cyclone crossing over Iran and Pakistan and reached India and rainfall occurs in the North-western part of India. These cyclones originate in the
[A] Mediterranean sea
[B] Boy of Bengal
[C] Arabian sea
[D] Atlantic ocean

Correct Answer: [A] Mediterranean sea

8. Ladakh Plateau of Kashmir receives very low rainfall because
[A] It is a low region
[B] It is influenced by the draught area of Kashmir
[C] It is rain shadow region of Himalayan
[D] None of above

Correct Answer: [C] It is rain shadow region of Himalayan 
Explanation: The rainfall in Ladakh Plateau is as low as 10 cm annually. This is because it lies in the rain shadow of the Himalayas.

9. Which of the following taxes is the largest source of revenue for the Government of India?
[A] Goods and Service tax
[B] Income tax
[C] Corporation tax
[D] Service tax

Correct Answer: [C] Corporation tax
Explanation:As per Budget 2019-20 source of revenues:
1. Corporate Tax – 21%
2. Borrowings and other liabilities – 20%
3. GST – 19%
4. Income Tax – 16%
5. Non tax revenue – 9%
6. Union excise duties – 8%
7. Customs – 4%
8. Non debt capital receipts – 3%

10. Which of the following taxes is not an example of direct taxes?
[A] Corporate tax
[B] Income tax
[C] Custom duties
[D] Wealth tax

Correct Answer: [C] Custom duties
Explanation: Direct taxes are one type of taxes an individual pays that are paid straight or directly to the government, such as income tax, poll tax, land tax, and personal property tax.

11. Who amongst the following is not part of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council?
[A] Prime Minister
[B] Union Finance Minister
[C] Union Minister of State, in-charge of Revenue of finance
[D] Minister In-charge of finance of each State government

Correct Answer: [A] Prime Minister
Explanation: Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council consists of the following members: The Union Finance Minister will be the Chairperson. As a member, the Union Minister of State will be in charge of Revenue of Finance, the Minister in charge of finance or taxation or any other Minister nominated by each State government, as members.

12. Which of the following is not part of Fiscal Policy?
[A] Government expenditure
[B] Taxation by the Government
[C] Interest rate determination
[D] Revenues from disinvestment of PSUs

Correct Answer: [C] Interest rate determination
Explanation: Interest rate determination is the job of Central bank and is a part of monetary policy.

13. Which of the following is not a source of revenue of State governments?
[A] Land revenue
[B] Luxury tax
[C] Entertainment tax
[D] Expenditure tax

Correct Answer: [D] Expenditure tax
Explanation: Expenditure tax is a tax imposed on expenditure rather than income. The Expenditure Tax Act, 1987 applies to any charges incurred by an individual and in the event that these charges are implied to be chargeable expenditure.
With the introduction of GST, luxury tax and entertainment tax have been subsumed in GST.

14. Identify the state that witnessed the highest GDP growth rate in India—
[A] Jharkhand
[B] Gujarat
[C] Bihar
[D] West Bengal

Correct Answer: [C] Bihar
Explanation: 12 large states have registered a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of above 6.7, which is the national average in FY18. With a GDP of 11.3, Bihar registered the highest growth rate in the country in the FY18 followed by Andhra Pradesh at 11.2, Gujarat 11.1, Telangana 10.4 and Karnataka 9.3 taking the top five spots. Jharkhand 4.6, Kerala 5.0, Punjab 6.2, UP 6.4 and Chhattisgarh 6.7 were at the bottom of the list in terms of GDP growth.

15. When a budget consists of schemes that have in-built expiry dates its called?
[A] Sunshine Budget
[B] Sunset Budget
[C] Zero Based Budgets
[D] Sunrise Budget

Correct Answer: [B] Sunset Budget
Explanation: Sunset Budget designed to “self destruct” within a prescribed time period to ensure the cessation of spend in by a predetermine date.

16. Which country has tested the world’s most advanced malaria vaccine in a bid to prevent the disease in April 2019?

[A] Burundi
[B] Malawi
[C] Mozambique
[D] Zimbabwe

Current Affairs April 2019

Correct Answer: [B] Malawi

17. Who won the Chinese Grand Prix 2019 which is Formula One’s 1000th race?
[A] Charles Leclerc
[B] Lewis Hamilton
[C] Valtteri Bottas
[D] Sebastian Vettel

Current Affairs April 2019

Correct Answer: [B] Lewis Hamilton

18. Who is the author of the book ‘The Lost Decade’?
[A] Geeta Gupinath
[B] Puja Mehra
[C] Chetan Bhagat
[D] Arundhati Roy

Current Affairs April 2019

Correct Answer: [B] Puja Mehra

19. Which city was declared as the World Book Capital 2019 by UNESCO?
[A] Dhaka
[B] Match
[C] Sharjah
[D] Dubai

Current Affairs April 2019

Correct Answer: [C] Sharjah

20. What was the theme of Earth Day celebrated on April 22, 2019?
[A] End plastic pollution
[B] Environment and Climate Literacy
[C] Trees for the Earth
[D] Protect our species

Current Affairs April 2019

Correct Answer: [D] Protect our species

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