WBCS Prelims 2017 Indian Polity Question and Solution



   In West Bengal Civil Service (WBCS) Preliminary Examination 2017, total of 7 questions was asked from Indian Polity.

1. Which of the following was not included when the writing of the Constitution of India was completed on 29.11.1949?

[A]  Fundamental Rights       

[B]  Fundamental Duties        

[C]  President’s Rule       

[D] Emergency

Correct Answer: [B]  Fundamental Duties        

2. To pass a Money Bill in the Parliament which of the following is not necessary?

[A]  Approval of the Lok Sabha

[B]  Approval of the Finance Minister

[C]  Approval of the Rajya Sabha

[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: [B]  Approval of the Finance Minister

3. ‘Law and Order‘ is included in the

[A]  Concurrent List       

[B]  State List      

[C]  Union List        

[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: [B]  State List      

4. The Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is

[A] The leader of the opposition

[B]  Nominated by the President of India

[C]  The Vice-President of India

[D] Nominated by the Vice-President of India

Correct Answer: [C]  The Vice-President of India

5. The first citizen of the Republic of India is

[A]  The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

[B]  The President of India

[C]  The Prime Minister of India

[D] The Speaker of the Lok Sabha

Correct Answer: [B]  The President of India

6. The Panchayati Raj system of India has

[A]  One-tier        

[B]  Two-tiers        

[C]  Three-tiers        

[D] four -tiers

Correct Answer: [C]  Three-tiers        

7. Grants-in-aid are provided for in the Constitution of India under Articles

[A]  274 and 275        

[B]  275 and 296        

[C]  275 and 285      

[D] 275 and 282

Correct Answer: [D] 275 and 282

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