WBCS Prelims 2017 History of India Question and Solution



      In West Bengal Civil Service (WBCS) Preliminary Examination 2017, total of 17 questions was asked from Indian History

1. ‘Ashtadiggajas’ were patronised by

[A]  Deva Raya  I       

[B]  Deva Raya II        

[C]  Vira Narasimha       

[D] Krishna Deva Raya

Correct Answer: [D] Krishna Deva Raya

2. Which Magadha ruler was known as ‘Seniya’?

[A]  Bimbisara

[B]  Ajatashatru

[C]  Mahapadma Nanda        

[D] Chandragupta Maurya

Correct Answer: [A]  Bimbisara

3. Which of the  following is a Harappan site located in Rajasthan?

[A]  Mohenjo Daro       

[B]  Suktagen Dor        

[C]  Kalibangan

[D] Lothal

Correct Answer: [C]  Kalibangan

4. The famous physician during Buddha’s time was

[A]  Kautilya

[B]  Nachiketa

[C]  Charaka

[D] Jivaka

Correct Answer: [D] Jivaka

5. The author of ‘Kadambari’ was

[A]  Kshemendra

[B]  Kalhana

[C]  Bhababhuti 

[D] Banabhatta

Correct Answer: [D] Banabhatta

6. The Mauryan ruler who used the name ‘Piyadasi’ in his official declarations was

[A]  Bimbisara

[B]  Ashoka

[C]  Chandragupta Maurya        

[D] Brihaddrata

Correct Answer: [B]  Ashoka

7. The Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang came to India during the reign of

[A]  Samudragupta 

[B]  Ashoka

[C]  Harsavardhan

[D] Kulotunga I

Correct Answer: [C]  Harsavardhan

8. The Delhi Sultan who transferred the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad (Devagiri) was

[A]  Qutbudding Aibak       

[B]  Iltutmish

[C]  Muhammad-bin-Tughalaq       

[D] Firoz Shah Tughlaq

Correct Answer: [C]  Muhammad-bin-Tughalaq       

9. Which historian is famous for his research on Mughal History?

[A]  Sumit Sarkar        

[B]  Jadunath Sarkar        

[C]  Sushobhan Chandra Sarkar      

[D] S. Gopal

Correct Answer: [B]  Jadunath Sarkar        

10. Which Mughal emperor wrote his own autobiography?

[A]  Babur 

[B]  Akbar

[C]  Shah Jahan        

[D] Aurangzeb

Correct Answer: [A]  Babur 

11. ‘Sulh-i-Kul’ was a policy introduced by

[A]  Akbar  

[B]  Aurangzeb

[C]  Jahandar Shah      

[D] Mohammad Shah

Correct Answer: [A]  Akbar  

12. Rana Pratap belonged to the Rajput dynasty of

[A]  Kachwa  

[B]   Sisodiya        

[C]  Solanki  

[D]  Paramara

Correct Answer: [B]   Sisodiya        

13. ‘Razmnama’ was a Persian translation of
[A]  Upanishad 

[B]  Ramayana  

[B]  Geeta

[D] Mahabharata

Correct Answer: [D] Mahabharata

14. The author of ‘Ain-i-Akbari’ was

[A]  Badayuni

[B]  Abul Fazl        

[C]  Shaikh Mubarak       

[D] Faizi

Correct Answer: [B]  Abul Fazl        

15. The Sikh Guru executed by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb was

[A]  Tegh Bahadur        

[B]  Nanak

[C]  Govind Singh        

[D] Arjun Dev

Correct Answer: [A]  Tegh Bahadur        

16. The Satnami rebellion took place during the regin of Mughal emperor
[A]  Akbar

[B]  Jahangir 

[C]  Shah Jahan       

[D] Aurangzeb

Correct Answer: [D] Aurangzeb

17. The title ‘Raja’ was conferred on Ram Mohun Roy by the Mughal emperor

[A]  Jahandar Shah       

[B]  Mohammad Shah        

[C]  Akbar II       

[D] Bahadur Shah Zafar

Correct Answer: [C]  Akbar II       

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