WBCS Prelims 2016 English Composition Question and Solution



      In West Bengal Civil Service (WBCS) Preliminary Examination 2016, total of 25 questions was asked from English Composition.

1. Use suitable auxiliary verb to fill in the blank space:
She ____ sit for hours listening to the wireless.

[A]  Will

[B]  Would

[C]  Can

[D] Could

Correct Answer: [B]  Would

2. Fill in the blank with an infinitive:
_____ is worth ambition.

[A]  To borrow

[B]  To reign

[C]  To repent

[D] To cry

Correct Answer: [B]  To reign

3. Fill in the blanks with relative pronoun:
He is here, _____  is fortunate.

[A]  Who

[B]  Whose

[C]  Which

[D] That

Correct Answer: [C]  Which

4. Edmund Burke had a wonderful gift of the gap.
Gift of the gap means:

[A]  Intelligence

[B]  Humanity 

[C]  Eloquence 

[D] Goodness

Correct Answer: [C]  Eloquence 

5.Fill in the blanks with an appropriate participle.
Weather _____ there will be a garden party at Government House tomorrow.

[A]  Allowing

[B]  Permitting 

[C]  Happening

[D] Favourable

Correct Answer: [B]  Permitting 

6. Fill in the blanks with a suitable word:
This is the ____ Post Office to my house.

[A]  Farthest

[B]  Next 

[C]  Nearest 

[D] Closest

Correct Answer: [C]  Nearest 

7. Fill in the blank with a suitable word:
I can’t walk any______

[A]  Farther

[B]  Further

[C]  Distance 

[D] Far

Correct Answer: [B]  Further

8.Select the correct meaning of the idiom underlined below:
There’s no love lost between them.

[A]  Avoid

[B]  Not on good terms        

[C]  Challenge

[D] Quarrel

Correct Answer: [B]  Not on good terms        

9. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word underlined below:
The appearance of the stranger was forbidding.

[A]  Warm

[B]  Kind 

[C]  Friendly

[D] Amiable

Correct Answer: [D] Amiable

10. Select the correct meaning of the idiom underlined below:
The belief in witchcraft is losing ground.

[A]  Becoming less acceptable        

[B]  Becoming popular       

[C]  Becoming powerful       

[D] Losing principle

Correct Answer: [A]  Becoming less acceptable        

11. ‘Surprise‘ may be expressed by the following interjection

[A]  Hush !        

[B]  Alas !        

[C]  Ha !         

[D] Bravo !

Correct Answer: [C]  Ha !         

12. ‘Mellifluous‘ means:

[A]  Sweet-sounding        

[B]  Cacophonic

[C]  Loud  

[D] Irritating

Correct Answer: [A]  Sweet-sounding        

13. Fill in the blank with appropriate participle.
The _____ door awakened the dog.

[A]  Creaking 

[B]  Old

[B]  New

[D] Waving

Correct Answer: [A]  Creaking 

14. The expression ‘to take stock of ‘ means:

[A]  To question       

[B]  To argue        

[C]  To survey       

[D] To manipulate

Correct Answer: [C]  To survey       

15. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate preposition.
The crew were _____ the ship for a month.

[A]  On board        

[B]  Aboard

[C]  On

[D] Off

Correct Answer: [A]  On board        

16. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word underlined below:
People responded to the leader’s speech with shouts of ecstasy.

[A]  Despondency

[B]  Despair

[C]  Disagreement

[D] Displeasure

Correct Answer: [D] Displeasure

17. Put in a correct participle in the blanks space.
The sea ____ , we went for sail.

[A]  Being rough        

[B]  Disturbed 

[C]  Being kind         

[D] Being smooth

Correct Answer: [D] Being smooth

18. Choose the correct meaning of the word from the alternatives given below:

[A]  Most typical example     

[B]  Most wanted thing        

[C]  Most popular       

[D] Most utilized

Correct Answer: [A]  Most typical example     

19. In a moment of hurry, the files have been ______by Hamilton. (Insert correct phrasal verb)

[A]  Cast about       

[B]  Cast out        

[C]  Cast up      

[D] Cast aside

Correct Answer: [D] Cast aside

20. Insert proper preposition in the sentence.
I prevailed _____ him to join our group

[A]  On

[B]  Upon

[C]  Beside

[D] Along with

Correct Answer: [A]  On

21. An ophthalmologist deals with:

[A]  Kidney

[B]  Liver

[C]  Eyes

[D] Heart

Correct Answer: [C]  Eyes

22. Memorabilia refers to:

[A]  Memorable things

[B]  Memories of war

[C]  Memories of objects collected because of their links with people or events

[D] Memories of the past

Correct Answer: [C]  Memories of objects collected because of their links with people or events

23. Choose an expression similar in meaning to the word underlined below:

[A]  Cacophony 

[B]  Confession

[C]  A confused situation        

[D] Candid admission

Correct Answer: [C]  A confused situation        

24. Fill in the blank with the correct word of expression:
He talked to his horse ____ the horse could understand his grief.

[A]  As though        

[B]  With a feeling that        

[C]  Feeling that        

[D] Assuming

Correct Answer: [A]  As though        

25. Choose an expression similar in meaning to the underlined word:
A misanthrope is a person who

[A]  Dislikes women        

[B]  Dislikes other people        

[C]  Dislikes children        

[D] Dislikes nature

Correct Answer: [B]  Dislikes other people        

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