WBCS Prelims 2014 Geography (India and West Bengal) Question and Solution



  In West Bengal Civil Service (WBCS) Preliminary Examination 2014, total of 24 questions was asked from Geography in between 15 questions from Indian Geography and 9 questions from West Bengal Geography.

1. Which one of the following is not a tributary of the Ganga?

[A]  Son 

[B]  Gomati 

[C]  Gandak

[D] Subarnarekha

Correct Answer: [D] Subarnarekha

2. The major portion of West Bengal plateau lies in the district of
[A]  Medinipur  

[B]  Murshidabad 

[C]  Purulia 

[D] Bardhaman

Correct Answer: [C]  Purulia 

3. The plains at the foot of the Darjeeling Himalayas is known as______ in Darjeeling district of West Bengal

[A]  Duars 

[B]  Terai    

[C]  Rarh

[D] Barind

Correct Answer: [B]  Terai    

4. The distance from the north to the south of West Bengal is approximately

[A]  600 km

[B]  700 km

[C]  800 km

[D] 400 km

Correct Answer: [B]  700 km

5. Damodar river rises from

[A]  Rajmahal plateau       

[B]  Chhotanagpur plateau       

[C]  Himalayas  

[D] Eastern Ghats

Correct Answer: [B]  Chhotanagpur plateau       

6. Who prepares the topographical maps of India?

[A]  Geological Survey of India       

[B]  Survey of India

[C]  Defence Ministry       

[D] Geographical Survey of India

Correct Answer: [B]  Survey of India

7. The soil of the sunderban of West Bengal is

[A]  Red Soil       

[B]  Clayey Saline Soil       

[C]  Alluvial Soil      

[D] Black Soil

Correct Answer: [B]  Clayey Saline Soil       

8. Where is the Forest Research Institute of India located?

[A]  Delhi 

[B]  Bhopal   

[C]  Dehradun 

[D] Lucknow

Correct Answer: [C]  Dehradun 

9. Jalpaiguri is situated on the banks of which rivers?

[A]  Tista and Karala        

[B]  Tista and Jaldhaka       

[C]  Jaldhaka and Torsa     

[D] Tista and Raidak

Correct Answer: [A]  Tista and Karala        

10. Tuticorin, an important fishing harbour is situated along _______coast.

[A]  Malabar  

[B]  Coromondal 

[C]  Konkan

[D] Gulf of Kutch

Correct Answer: [B]  Coromondal 

11. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway became World Heritage Site in

[A]  1980

[B]  1990

[C]  1999

[D] 2003

Correct Answer: [C]  1999

12. El Nino refers to

[A]  An atmospheric phenomenon        

[B]  An environmental phenomenon

[C]  An oceanic phenomenon        

[D] A climatic phenomenon

Correct Answer: [C]  An oceanic phenomenon        

13. Major part of the Indian agriculture is characterised by

[A]  Large size farm        

[B]  Capitalist agriculture      

[C]  Small size farm       

[D] Co-operative farm

Correct Answer: [C]  Small size farm       

14. The Rourkela Steel Plant is located on the Bank of river.
[A]  Bhadra 

[B]  Brahmani

[C]  Damodar      

[D] Bhima

Correct Answer: [B]  Brahmani

15. Diamond mines of India are located in ______ 

[A]  Utter Pradesh        

[B]  Karnataka 

[C]  Madhya Pradesh       

[D] Gujarat

Correct Answer: [C]  Madhya Pradesh       

16. Soil erosion is most alarming in_______ littoral state of India.

[A]  Kerala 

[B]  Tamil Nadu       

[C]  Odisha

[D] Karnataka

Correct Answer: [C]  Odisha

17. Copious rain in the northern coast of Tamil Nadu in October-November are due to

[A]  The South East Trade winds       

[B]  Retreating Monsoon       

[C]  Westerly Depression       

[D] Occlusion

Correct Answer: [B]  Retreating Monsoon       

18. The major concentration of India’s mica production comes from

[A]  Bihar 

[B]  Chhatishgarh    

[C]  Jharkhand 

[D] Odisha

Correct Answer: [C]  Jharkhand 

19. Which of the following problems is not encountered in the Indira Gandhi Canal command area ?

[A] Increase in soil salinity         

[B]  Progressive water logging

[C]  Aeolian setting of the canal      

[D] Decline in water supply

Correct Answer: [B]  Progressive water logging

20. Which one of the following pairs is not correct matched?

[A]  Himalayas  —  Tertiary Fold Mountains

[B]  Deccan Trap —  Volcanic Cone Eruption

[C]  Western Ghats —  Palaeozoic Fold Mountains

[D] Aravallis —  Pre Cambrian Re Mountains

Correct Answer: [C]  Western Ghats —  Palaeozoic Fold Mountains

21. The location of Iron & Steel plants in India has been influenced by the availability of the following in order of importance :

[A]  Iron Ore – Coking Coal – Limestone – Manganese

[B]  Coking Coal – Iron Ore – Limestone – Manganese

[C]  Iron Ore – Manganese – Limestone – Coking Coal

[D] Coking Coal – Manganese – Iron Ore – Limestone

Correct Answer: [A]  Iron Ore – Coking Coal – Limestone – Manganese

22. At which of the following places, the Pole Star appears at the highest angle in the sky ?

[A]  Sandakfu

[B]  Falut    

[C]  Darjeeling 

[D] Kalimpong

Correct Answer: [B]  Falut    

23. Which of the following is in the correct descending order of the districts of West Bengal in terms of area (2011) ?

[A]  Paschim Medinipur – Burdwan – Bankura

[B]  Paschim Medinipur – Burdwan – South 24 Parganas

[C]  South 24 Parganas – Paschim Medinipur – Burdwan

[D] South 24 Parganas – Paschim Medinipur – Bankura

Correct Answer: [C]  South 24 Parganas – Paschim Medinipur – Burdwan

24. Which of the following is in the correct descending order of the districts of West Bengal in terms of sex ratio (2011) ?

[A]  Darjeeling – Paschim Medinipur – Hooghly

[B]  Hooghly – Darjeeling – Murshidabad

[C]  Darjeeling – Hooghly – Murshidabad

[D] Hooghly – Murshidabad – Darjeeling

Correct Answer: [C]  Darjeeling – Hooghly – Murshidabad

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