WBCS Prelims 2012 Indian Economy Question and Solution



   In West Bengal Civil Service (WBCS) Preliminary Examination 2012, total 13 questions was asked from Indian Economy.

1. The Damoder Valley Multipurpose Project was designed after:

[A]  Tennessee Valley Project of U.S.A.      

[B]  Leena Project of U.S.S.R.

[C]  Amazon River Valley Project        

[D] Hwang Ho River Valley Project of China

Correct Answer: [A]  Tennessee Valley Project of U.S.A.      

2. A high birth rate is associated with

[A]  A female literacy rate         

[B]  A low female literacy rate

[C]  A high male literacy rate        

[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: [B]  A low female literacy rate

3. Hindu Law of inheritance is responsible for:

[A]  Low productivity of land       

[B]  Non- application of scientific mode of farming

[C]  Non-availability of irrigational facilities      

[D] Subdivision and fragmentation of land holdings

Correct Answer: [D] Subdivision and fragmentation of land holdings

4. Which group of society is worst affected by continuous inflationary price rice?

[A]  Traders and merchants     

[B]  The investor class

[C]  Self employed group    

[D] Fixed income group

Correct Answer: [B]  The investor class

5. What is capital?

[A]  Money is capital          

[B]  Machineries and building constitute capital

[C]  Capital is produced by the means of production        

[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: [A]  Money is capital          

6. Which of the following factor is the most important for future industrial development of India ?

[A]  Maintenance of industrial peace 

[B]  Creation of adequate infrastructural facilities

[C]  Huge investment is to be undertaken by the investor class

[D] None of the above.

Correct Answer: [B]  Creation of adequate infrastructural facilities

7. The New Economic Policy was introduced in India

[A]  1989

[B]  1995

[C]  1997

[D] 1991

Correct Answer: [D] 1991

8. What is the correct figure of average expectation of life at birth at present in India ?

[A]  45 years

[B]  60 years

[C]  70 years

[D] 65 years

Correct Answer: [D] 65 years

9. Which institution is directly connected with the framing of Indian monetary policy?
[A]  The Reserve Bank of India       

[B]  The State Bank of India

[C]  Life Insurance Corporation of India      

[D] Industrial Development Bank of India

Correct Answer: [D] Industrial Development Bank of India

10. Name the programe of the poverty alleviation launched by the Government of india which was immensely benefited the rural power :

[A]  Jawhar Rojgar Yojna        

[B]  Indira Gandhi Rural Housing Programme

[C]  National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme     

[D] Food for work Programme

Correct Answer: [D] Food for work Programme

11. Point out the main objective of creating “SEZ” (Special Economic Zone) in India :

[A]  Creating of special tax free growth points in the economy mainly to boost up exports

[B]  Creation of strong industrial units which would provide employment facilities

[C]  To give special preference to some industrial units

[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: [A]  Creating of special tax free growth points in the economy mainly to boost up exports

12. Which constitutional mechanism is adopted for the distribution of resources between the centre and the states ?

[A]  The Union Finance Ministry

[B]  The Planning Commission.

[C]  Indian finance Commission set up at the interval of five years.      

[D] None of the above.

Correct Answer: [C]  Indian finance Commission set up at the interval of five years.      

13. Name the international financial institution which controls the exchange value of currencies of different countries

[A]  Federal Reserve system in USA       

[B]  International Bank for reconstruction and development

[C]  IMF ( International Monetary Fund )       

[D] None of the above 

Correct Answer: [C]  IMF ( International Monetary Fund )       

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