WBCS Prelims 2012 Geography (India and West Bengal) Question and Solution



  In West Bengal Civil Service (WBCS) Preliminary Examination 2012, total of 21 questions was asked from Geography in between 16 questions from Indian Geography and 5 questions from West Bengal Geography.

1. Annual population growth rate between 1991 and 2001 is :

[A]  3%

[B]  1.93%

[C]  4%

[D] 2%

Correct Answer: [B]  1.93%

Notes: Annual population growth rate between 2001 and 2011 is 1.76%.

2. Female literacy rate of West Bengal in 2001 Census is

[A]  64.5%

[B]  53.67%

[C]  43.8%

[D] 50.5%

Correct Answer: [A]  64.5% 

Notes: None of option correct. Correct Answer- 59.61%.

3. ‘Sundarban’ has been sited as a world heritage site due to its :

[A]  Tiger reserves       

[B]  Sundari Trees       

[C]  Mangrove trees      

[D]  Biodiversity

Correct Answer: [C]  Mangrove trees      

4. The south eastern part of the Bengal delta is undergoing:

[A]  Subsidence 

[B]  Emergence

[C]  Procreation 

[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: [B]  Emergence

5. Literacy rate of West Bengal in 2001 Census is –

[A]  57%

[B]  75%

[C]  64.84%

[D] 60.79%

Correct Answer: [C]  64.84%

6. According to 2001 Census lowest literacy rate in India is found in-

[A]  Rajasthan

[B]  Jharkhand         

[C]  Bihar

[D] Madhya Pradesh

Correct Answer: [C]  Bihar

7. In India the sex ratio according to 2001 census is :

[A]  933 females/1000 males        

[B]  927 females/1000 males

[C]  898 females/1000 males         

[D] 800 females/1000 males

Correct Answer: [A]  933 females/1000 males        

8. Global Positioning System (GPS) is used to measure

[A]  Depth of water        

[B]  Position of oceanic minerals

[C]  Latitudes and longitudes      

[D] Circumference of the globe

Correct Answer: [B]  Position of oceanic minerals

9. When was Ganga Water Treaty was signed between India and Bangladesh ?

[A]  1994

[B]  1995

[C]  1996

[D] 1997

Correct Answer: [C]  1996

10. Name the state of India where male-female ratio is adversely tilted against the female

[A]  Uttar Pradesh       

[B]  West Bengal        

[C]  Punjab     

[D] Haryana

Correct Answer: [D] Haryana

11. ‘Tin Bigha Corridor’ links

[A]  India and Pakistan       

[B]  India and China      

[C]  India and Bhutan      

[D] India and Bangladesh

Correct Answer: [D] India and Bangladesh

12. The Pir Panjal Range is located in the:

[A]  Greater Himalaya      

[B]  Trans Himalayan Area       

[C]  Lesser Himalaya      

[D] Siwaliks

Correct Answer: [A]  Greater Himalaya      

13. River Narmada flows through a-

[A]  Synclinal valley        

[B]  U- shaped valley        

[C]  Fault Trough       

[D] Delta

Correct Answer: [C]  Fault Trough       

14. The Indus river rises near

[A]  Sheshnag Lake        

[B]  Bhimtal Lake       

[C]  Lake Nassil       

[D] Mansarovar Lake

Correct Answer: [D] Mansarovar Lake

15. The river Ganga flows into the Bay of Bengal through

[A]  A triangular delta        

[B]  An estuary      

[C]  ‘Birds foot’ delta       

[D] Fault line

Correct Answer: [A]  A triangular delta        

16. El Nino in the Pacific-

[A]  Increases monsoon rainfall over India         

[B]  Decreases monsoon rainfall over India

[C]  Increases cyclones over Bay of Bengal         

[D] Decreases cyclones over Bay of Bengal

Correct Answer: [B]  Decreases monsoon rainfall over India

17. Lateritic soil of India are-

[A]  Rich in iron       

[B]  Rich in humus        

[C]  Rich in basaltic lava      

[D] Rich in Uranium

Correct Answer: [A]  Rich in iron       

18. The Black soil of Maharashtra are called –

[A]  Regolith  

[B]  Khadar  

[C]  Regur

[D] Bhabar

Correct Answer: [C]  Regur

19. Neem is a –

[A]  Tropical Wet Evergreen Tree        

[B]  Tropical Moist Deciduous Tree

[C]  Tropical Dry Deciduous Tree       

[D] Tropical Dry Evergreen Tree

Correct Answer: [C]  Tropical Dry Deciduous Tree       

20. Sal is found in

[A]  Hooghly district of West Bengal       

[B]  Howrah district of West Bengal

[C]  Bankura district of West Bengal       

[D] Malda district of West Bengal

Correct Answer: [C]  Bankura district of West Bengal       

21. Joint Forest Management was first successful in West Bengal in-

[A]  Paljhari village of Medinipur district      

[B]  Bhula village ol Bankura district

[C]  Natunbandh village of Bankura district      

[D] Arabari village Medinipur district

Correct Answer: [D] Arabari village Medinipur district

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