WBCS Prelims 2012 English Composition Question and Solution



  In West Bengal Civil Service (WBCS) Preliminary Examination 2012, total 25 questions was asked from English Composition.

1. ‘Aural’ means

[A]  Relating to the ear      

[B]  Relating to the eye       

[C]  Relating to the air      

[D] Relating to the water

Correct Answer: [A]  Relating to the ear      

2. Tortuous means

[A]  Torture

[B]  Turn  

[C]  Full of twist and turns       

[D] Torturous

Correct Answer: [C]  Full of twist and turns       

3. Fill in the blanks with the following pairs:
I am going to Chennai ______Monday _____ tour.

[A]  On, of       

[B]  On, with       

[C]  In, with       

[D] Of, on

Correct Answer: [B]  On, with       

4. Replace the underlined part of the sentence by any one of the four alternatives given below :
He changed his job and was out of frying pan to fire.

[A]  Happy with the job        

[B]  Misfit  

[C]  In a condition from bad to worse      

[D] Lucky in the choice

Correct Answer: [C]  In a condition from bad to worse      

5. He sympathised _______ him in his bereavement.
[A]  In

[B]  For

[C]  With

[D] By

Correct Answer: [C]  With

6. A manicurist take care of

[A]  Foot 

[B]  Ear 

[C]  Nail

[D] Mind

Correct Answer: [C]  Nail

7. He succeeded by dint _____ his hard labour.

[A]  Of

[B]  By

[C]  For

[D] Because

Correct Answer: [A]  Of

8. Hike in oil price may mar the future of the trade world.

[A]  Harness  

[B]  Help 

[C]  Better 

[D] Worsen

Correct Answer: [D] Worsen

9. A pugilist is a

[A]  Boxer

[B]  Swimmer

[C]  Athletes 

[D] Weight- lifter

Correct Answer: [A]  Boxer

10. He tried by all means, by hook or by crook to win the case.

[A]  By any means fair or foul      

[B]  By money       

[C]  By man power       

[D] By muscle power

Correct Answer: [A]  By any means fair or foul      

11. She is proficient in music but weak

[A]  In study       

[B]  At lessons       

[C]  With study       

[D] On study

Correct Answer: [D] On study

12. A gourmet loves

[A]  Fashion

[B]  Action 

[C]  Food 

[D] Films

Correct Answer: [C]  Food 

13. ‘Cacography’ means

[A]  Bad spelling       

[B]  Good spelling       

[C]  Incorrect spelling      

[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: [A]  Bad spelling       

14. ‘Hold fire’ means

[A]  To delay doing something        

[B]  Catch fire        

[C]  Prevent fire        

[D] Magnify

Correct Answer: [A]  To delay doing something        

15. A ‘soliloquy’ means

[A]  Speaking to others      

[B]  Speaking to oneself

[C]  Speaking in whispers       

[D] Speaking to a friend

Correct Answer: [B]  Speaking to oneself

16. To take up the gauntlet means

[A]  To accept the challenge        

[B]  To refuse        

[C]  To appreciate      

[D] To move

Correct Answer: [A]  To accept the challenge        

17. ‘Thespian art’ refers to

[A]  The art of tragedy       

[B]  The art of history        

[C]  The art of story telling       

[D] Tribal art

Correct Answer: [A]  The art of tragedy       

18. Select the pair in the following options which is set in opposition

[A]  Liquid – Solid         

[B]  Enough – Adequate       

[C]  Entice – Lure       

[D] Excess – Surplus

Correct Answer: [A]  Liquid – Solid         

19. Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition:
I have no desire ______ fame.

[A]  Of

[B]  For

[C]  In

[D] To

Correct Answer: [B]  For

20. Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition :
There is an exception_________ every rule

[A]  To

[B]  For

[C]  In

[D] Up

Correct Answer: [A]  To

21.The meat of deer is called

[A]  Mutton 

[B]  Venison 

[C]  Spoor 

[D] Tendil

Correct Answer: [B]  Venison 

22. Regicide means

[A]  Murder of a Father      

[B]  Murder of a King       

[C]  Murder of a Brother      

[D] Murder of a Sister

Correct Answer: [B]  Murder of a King       

23. Lachrymose nature means-

[A]  Lethargic  

[B]  Prone to anger       

[C]  Prone to tear       

[D] Energetic

Correct Answer: [C]  Prone to tear             

24. A clever man sweeps his family scandals under the

[A]  Ground 

[B]  Floor 

[C]  Carpet 

[D] Grave-stone

Correct Answer: [C]  Carpet 

25. ‘Astronomy’ means study of the

[A]  Moon  

[B]  Star

[C]  Sky    

[D]  Sun

Correct Answer: [B]  Star

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