WBCS Prelims 2020 Hundred Days Study Plans

WBCS 2020 Prelims 100 Days Study Plan with Test Series

West Bengal Civil Service Preliminary Examination is meant to serve as a screening test wherein a candidate has to secure qualifying marks for eligible for Main Examination. Every year around 2 lakh candidates appear for WBCS prelims, out of which around 16000 qualifies for mains and the end only around 500 candidates to crack highly dignified state civil services exam.

Hundred Days Study Plan is the two layers revision study plan with Daily Quiz (except Saturday and Sunday) and Two Mock Test for West Bengal Civil Service Preliminary Examination 2020 that will help you revised completed syllabus and check your preparation level. Ideal for those who are prepared from home. 


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16-22 Sept 2019
Days Count: 7
GEOGRAPHY: (a) Geographical Introduction of India, (b) Physical Features of India, and (c) Physiography of India – Mountains Ranges, Peaks, Passes, Plateaus, Plains etc.
ECONOMY: (a) Types of Economies, Introduction of Indian Economy and Evolution of the Indian Economy, (b) Fiscal and Monetary Policies, and (c) National Income Accounting
23-29 Sept 2019
Days Count: 14
NATIONAL MOVEMENT: (a) Before 1857 – Acts and Policies, (b) Crown Rule – Acts after 1857 – Council Acts, Government of India Acts – Key features, (c) Governor Generals and Viceroy- Tenure and work, (d) Religious & Social Reform Movement and Personalities associated with various movements – Swami Vivekananda, Raja Ram Mohan Roy etc., (e) The Revolt 1857, and (f) Civil Rebellions & Tribal Uprisings(1757-1900s)
POLITY: (a) National Symbols, (b) Features of Indian Constitution and Evolution of the Constitution, (c) Sources of Constitution, (d) Constituent Assembly, (e) Preamble – Ideals and Objectives, (f) Union and its Territory, and (g) Citizenship
30-6 Oct 2019
Days Count:21
HISTORY:  (a) Prehistory Cultures, (b) Indus Valley civilization – Sites and Archaeological evidence, Social Life etc. (c) Vedic Period – Philosophers, Society, Varna System etc., and (d) Jainism and Buddhism -Personal History and Ideas and Philosophy, Councils, Sects
SCIENCE: (a) Physics – Units, Motion, Work, Energy & Power, (b) Chemistry – Atomic Structure & Radio Activity, Chemical Bonding & Reaction, and (c) Biology – Cell theory, Micro-Organism, Plant Biology, Animals Biology, Biological Evaluation
7-13 Oct 2019
Days Count:28
GEOGRAPHY: (a) Drainage system, Rivers Confluence and River Projects, (b) Soil and its types and (c) Climate
ECONOMY: (a) Public Expenditure & Fiscal Policy – Budget, Taxation, etc, (b) External Sector – Foreign Trade, Balance of Payment, etc, and (c) Economic Reforms : Mixed Economy – The LPG
14-20 Oct 2019
Days Count:35
NATIONAL MOVEMENT: (a) The Struggle Begins- Growth of Modern Nationalism,  (b) Pre-Congress Campaigns, and (c) Moderates(1885-1905) – The Partition of Bengal, Swadeshi Movement etc.
POLITY: (a) Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy(DPSP) and Duties, (b) Panchayati Raj Institutions and Committees
21-27 Oct 2019
Days Count:42
HISTORY: (a) Mauryan Dynasty and Important edicts, (b) Gupta dynasty & their Successors – Society and Economy, Literary,  (c) Harsha and his time, and (d) Accounts of Foreign Travellers – FaHein, Ibn Batuta etc
SCIENCE: (a) Physics – Gravitation, Properties of Matter, Sound, Heat, Light, (b) Chemistry – Oxidation & Reduction, Acids, Bases & Salts, and (c) Biology – Vitamins, Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats
28-3 Nov 2019
Days Count: 49
GEOGRAPHY: (a) Population & its Composition, Migration Patterns, Rural & Urbanization Settlements, (b) Census 2011- Literacy, Population, Tribes etc. and (c) Agriculture sector (special reference to West Bengal)- Agriculture, Irrigation, Livestock & Fisheries and Green Revolution

ECONOMY: (a) Planning in India and Five Years Plans – Year, Objectives, Model, (b) NITI Aayog (c) Govt. schemes(1951-2020), (d) Organizations and their Role: IMF, World Bank, WEF etc. and (e) Reports – Human Development, World Development, World Economic Outlook, Ease of Doing Business etc

4-10 Nov 2019
Days Count: 56
NATIONAL MOVEMENT: (a) National Movement (1905-1918) – Surat Split, Revolutionary Nationalist Movement, Home Rule Movement, Lucknow Pact etc
POLITY: (a) Parliament Composition and Duration and Membership, (b) Union and State Executive: Qualification, Terms and Powers, and (c) Supreme Court, High Court and Subordinate Courts
11-17 Nov 2019
Days Count: 63
HISTORY: (a) Sangam Age – Pandya, Chola and Chera dynasty, (b) Tripartite struggle – Pal Empire, Pratihara Empire & Rashtrakuta Empire, (c) Vijaynagar and Bahamani – Rulers and Capitals and Temples, (d) Growth of Regional Culture Movements – Bhakt & Sufi, and (e) Sikhism – Gurus, Texts, wars
SCIENCE: (a) Physics – Electricity, Atomic & Nuclear Physics, Electronics, (b) Chemistry – Elements, Metals, Non-metals & Metallurgy, Coal & Petroleum, Carbon, Pollution, and (c) Biology – Human Body parts and Functions, Glands, Blood Group, Diseases and Vaccines, Genetics
18-24 Nov 2019
Days Count: 70
GEOGRAPHY: (a) Minerals, Industries, Energy Resources and  Transport, (b) Natural Hazards & Disaster, (c) Natural Vegetation & Wildlife and (d) West Bengal Geography
ECONOMY: (a) Indian Financial Market and Money Market – Banking in India, Insurance in India and Security Market in India and (b) The terminology of economics
25-1 Dec 2019
Days Count: 77
NATIONAL MOVEMENT: (a) National Movement-Era of Mass Nationalism (1919-1939) – Non Cooperation Movement, Civil Disobedience Movement Nehru Report, Simon Commission, Gandhi Irwin Pact etc. and (b) National Movement-Towards Freedom & Partition(1939-1947) – Quit India Movement , Azad Hind Fauj etc.
POLITY: (a) Important Constitutional Bodies – Attorney General & Advocate General, CAG, Election Commission, Union & State PSC, National Commission for SCs/STs etc. (b) Important Non Constitutional Bodies – NHRC, CBI, CIC, CVC, Lokpal & Lokayukta etc., (c) Special Provisions for states and UTs and (d) Important Articles, Amendments and Schedules
2-8 Dec 2019
Days Count: 84
HISTORY: (a) Delhi Sultanate, Mughals Genealogy and Important developments – Educational reforms, Religious reforms, Tax reforms, Art and Architecture, (b) Marathas – Chronology, Wars, and Ashtapradhans, and (c) Advent of the Europeans – Base, Factories, Carnatic Wars
SCIENCE: (a) Nanotechnology, (b) Biotechnology, (c) Man Made Materials, (d) Every Day Science, (e) Basic Advance Technology, and (f) Computer and Information Technology
9-24 Dec 2019
Days Count: 100

REVISION: Full Revision

PRELIMS MOCK TEST – I : 24 December 2019

Before 10 days of PrelimsPRELIMS MOCK TEST – II

CURRENT AFFAIRS: Weekly covered one months Current Affairs. Staring from (a) January 2019 – 1st Week, (b) February 2019 – 2nd Week, (c) March 2019 – 3rd Week, (d) April 2019 – 4th Week, (e) May 2019 – 5th Week, (f) June 2019 – 6th Week, (g) July 2019 – 7th Week, (h) August 2019 – 8th Week, (i) September 2019 – 9th Week, (j) October 2019 – 10th Week, (k) November 2019 – 11th Week and (l) December 2019 – Last Week  

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