WBCS Main Paper IV (Science & Technology, Environment, Current Affairs) Preparation Strategy, Micro Syllabus and Previous Papers


West Bengal Public Service Commission sets the West Bengal Civil Service exam syllabus. There are three tiers in the examination – (1) Preliminary, (2) Main and (3) Interview.
The WBCS Main Examination shall consist of six Compulsory papers and one optional subject consisting of two papers (Only for candidates applying for group A and / or B) to be chosen by the candidates from the list of optional subjects given below. There will be two papers of the optional subject of 200 marks each. Each paper, Compulsory or Optional, will carry 200 marks and will be of 3 hours duration.
Out of six compulsory papers four papers i.e. (i) General Studies- I, (ii) General Studies- II, (iii) The Constitution of India and Indian Economy including role and functions of Reserve Bank of India and (iv) Arithmetic and Test of Reasoning will be of MCQ Type to be answered in OMR answer sheets and remaining two compulsory papers i.e. Paper – I and Paper – II will be of conventional type written examination.

In this article, candidates will understand the WBCS Main PAPER IV – General Studies II (Science and Scientific & Technological advancement, Environment, General Knowledge and Current Affairs) detailed micro syllabus, important books, and previous year question papers.


Science and Scientific & Technological advancement, Environment, General Knowledge and Current Affairs200


  • General Science
  • Latest discoveries and Inventions, Nobel Prizes.
  • Human Body parts and Functions, Glands, Blood Group, Diseases, and Vaccines.
  • Vitamins, Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats
  • Biology of everyday life – Cell theory, Micro-Organism, Plant Biology, Human Biology, Diseases, Genetics and Biotechnology
  • Physics in everyday life – Units and Measurements, Material Conductivity, Work, Energy and Power, Sound, Heat, Light and Optics, Gravitation, Atomic and Nuclear Physics.
  • Chemistry in everyday life – Atomic Structures and Radio-Activity, Chemical Reactions and Changes, Acids, Bases and Salts, Metals, Non-Metals, Metallurgy, and Man-Made Materials, thermometer, Barometer
  • Advance Science & Technology
  • Science and Technology in everyday life – Digital Convergence, Cybercrimes and laws, Cloud computing, Internet banking, E-governance, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc.
  • Basic Computer Science – Generations of Computers, Supercomputers, Networking and types, Computer Organisation, Computer Memory, Hardware and Software, I/O Devices, Number Systems, Social networking sites and its impact, Types of computer viruses, and recent computer technology updates.
  • Telecommunication – Analog and Digital telecommunication, different multiplexing techniques, Networking devices as Modem, ISDN, PSTN, etc., Different types of mobile phone networks – GSM and CDMA, Different Generations of Mobile, Types of mobile batteries, Basic terms used in Telecommunication – Wi-Fi; Wimax; Bluetooth; WiBro; WAP; GPRS, etc.
  • Space Technology – ISRO, Different parts of satellites, Different satellite orbits, Launch vehicle types, Remote Sensing Satellites and its applications, Space Programme of India and World.
  • Defense Technology – DRDO, Different types of missiles, Chemical and biological weapons, Different naval ships with their use, Missile technology in India and World. 
  • Nuclear technology, Biotechnology, Energy, Electronics, Institutional structure for science development in India.
  • Environment
  • Basic Environmental Terminologies
  • Ecology, ecosystem and its components
  • National parks, Biosphere Reserves, and Hotspots.
  • Biodiversity and its conservation
  • Threatened species
  • Environmental Protection Acts / Summits / Conventions
  • Climate Change Impact – Global Warming Greenhouse gases, Ozone, etc
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Climate change and environment
  • Renewable Energy
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Concept of Sustainable Development
  • General Knowledge
  • West Bengal – Art and Culture, History, Geography, Polity, Economy, etc.
  • India – Superlatives, First ever, Art and Culture, History, Geography(World Heritage Sites, Temples and Location, Airport and City, Important Institutions and Location,  etc.), Polity, Economy, etc.
  • World – Superlatives, First ever, Capital and Currency, Geography(Places with its Surname, Organisations and Headquarters, Rivers and Cities, etc.).
  • Sport – Stadiums and Location, Famous Personalities, Cups and Tropics, Sports related terms, Olympic, commonwealth games, Asian games, etc. 
  • Miscellaneous – Inventions & Inventors, Important Days, Country-Currency-Capital, Nicknames of Famous Personalities, etc.
  • Current Affairs
  • Persons in news: New appointments, resignations, deaths, etc.
  • National & International summits and Conventions
  • Important visits of Indian Prime Minister, President, and official govt. delegation to different countries
  • Important Agreements
  • Important Days (with last celebrated themes)
  • Latest Government Scheme, App, and Portal
  • Books and Authors
  • New Political and administrative appointments
  • New Awards and Prizes
  • Important Military Exercises
  • Visit of International Personalities to India
  • Important Place of News
  • Rank and Index (Publisher, Top Ranker, India Rank)
  • Sports in news
  • News related to NITI Aayog, DRDO, ISRO, and other govt. organization
  • Important Changes in Indian Economy
  • Nation and International Important News


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