India’s Ranking in Various Indexes and Reports 2019


India’s and Indian State’s Ranking in Different Indexes and Reports 2019! It is an integral part of the Current Affairs section. Questions on India’s Ranking in Various Indexes is common in Government exams like State PSC, SSC, Banking and more.  Downloadable PDF available at the end of the article.

Report TitlesName of the OrganizationsKey Notes
Global Innovation Index 2019Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization✍ Topped by Switzerland
✍ India is ranked 52nd
Innovation IndexBloomberg✍ Topped by South Korea
✍ India is ranked at the 54th Position
Corruption Perception Index (CPI)Transparency International✍ Topped by Denmark
✍ India is ranked 78th
✍ Syria and South Sudan are ranked bottom in the index
Global Talent Competitive Index (GTCI) 2019NSEAD business school in partnership with Tata Communications and Adecco Group✍ Topped by Switzerland
✍ India is ranked 80th
World Talent Ranking 2019International Institute for Management Development (IMD)✍ Topped by Switzerland
India ranked 59th
Passport Index of 2019UNDP human development index✍ Topped by UAE
✍ India ranked 67th
Henley Passport Index 2019Henley & Partners✍Top 3 Countries:
1. Japan and Singapore
2. South Korea, Finland and Germany
3. Denmark, Italy, and Luxembourg
✍ India rank 86th with Mauritiana and Sao Tome and Principe
EIU Democracy Index 2018Economist Intelligent Unit✍ Topped by Norway
✍ India ranked 41st
World’s biggest retail market in 2019Research firm eMarket✍ China will become the world’s biggest retail market in 2019 by Surpass USA
Future of Consumption in Fast-Growth Consumer Market- IndiaWorld Economic Forum✍ India is set to become the world’s third-largest consumer market behind only the USA and China by 2030
Best practices followed by states in budget formulationTransparency International✍ Top three states:
1. Assam
2. Andhra Pradesh
3. Odisha
✍ Meghalaya, Manipur and Punjab were figured at lower positions.
International IP IndexUS Chambers of Commerce✍ Topped by the US
✍ India ranked 36th
Inclusive Internet Index 2019Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)✍ Topped by Sweden
✍ India Ranked 47th
Prime International Residential Index (PIRI 100)Knight Frank✍Top 3 Cities:
1. Manila(Philippines)
2. Edinburgh (Scotland)
3. Berlin(Germany)
✍ Mumbai-16th, Delhi-55th & Bengaluru-56th
World Air Quality Report 2018IQ Air AirVisual & Greenpeace✍ Gurugram-Most polluted region in the world in 2018.
✍ Delhi -Most polluted capital in the world.
Cheapest mobile data in the worldPrice comparison site✍ India has the cheapest mobile data in the world.
World Happiness ReportUnited Nations✍ Topped by Finland followed by Denmark, Norway
✍ India ranked 140th out of 156 nations. India shows a 7 spot decline along with five other countries.
Indian brands of 2019Brand consultancy Interbrand, a division of Omnicom Group✍ Topped by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Reliance, Airtel, HDFC Bank, LIC, State Bank of India, Infosys, Mahindra, ICICI Bank and Godrej followed it
India’s most
valuable brand
London-based consultancy
Brand Finance annual
✍ Top 3 Brands:
1. Tata ($19.6 billion
2. Life Insurance Corporation ( $7.3 billion)
3. Infosys ($6.5 billion)
Migration and Development BriefWorld Bank✍ World’s top 5 recipient of remittances in 2018:
1. India: 79$ billion
2. China: 67$ billion
3. Mexico: 36$ billion
4. Philippines: 34$ billion
5. Egypt: 29$ billion
World Press Freedom Index 2019Reporters Without Borders✍ Topped by Norway
✍ India ranked 140th
World’s military expenditureStockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)✍ World’s top 4 military spender in 2018:
1. US
2. China
3. Saudi Arabia
4. India
World Competitiveness economy RankingsIMD (Institute for Management Development)✍ Topped by Singapore
India ranked in 43rd most competitive economy in the world
SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Gender Equality IndexWorld Economic Forum✍ Topped by Denmark
✍ India ranked at 95th Position
Report on internet trendsVenture capitalist, Mary Meeker✍ Top 3 Countries:
1. China (21% of global internet users)
2. India (12% world internet users)
3. United States (8% of global internet users)
Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2018International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)✍ Cheapest country to produce solar energy:
1. India
2. China
3. UK
Entrepreneur Cities
Index 2019
Dell✍ Top 3 Cities:
1. Bay Area, San Francisco
2. New York, United States
3. London, U.K.
✍IHS Markit, Singapore tops in Asian city ranked at 21st position, while Indian cities Bengaluru(Karnataka) and Delhi were ranked 43rd (7th in Asia) and 50th (10th in Asia)
2019 list of gold reservesWorld Gold Council (WGC)✍Top 3 Holdings:
1. United States
2. Germany
3. International Monetary Fund (IMF)
✍ India rank 10th  (overall, including IMF)
✍ India rank 9th (ranking, excluding IMF)
2019 world travel &
tourism competitiveness
World Economic Forum(WEF)✍ Top 3 countries:
1. Spain
2. France
3. Germany
4. Japan (tops in Asia Pacific Region)
✍ India ranked 34th
World Digital
Competitiveness Rankings
(WDCR) 2019
International Institute for
Management Development’s (IMD)
✍ Top 3 Countries:
1. United State (US)
2. Singapore
3. Sweden
✍ India ranked at 44th position in 2019
Global Competitiveness Index 2019World Economic Forum(WEF)✍ Top 3 Countries:
1. Singapore
2. United State (US)
3. Hongkong
✍ India ranked 68th
World Wealth’s wealthiest city
worldwide 2019
Wealth intelligence firm New
World Wealth (NWW)
✍ Topped by New York City
✍ Indian cities rank:
1. Mumbai(12th)
2. Delhi(22nd)
3. Bangalore(26th)
4. Hyderabad(28th)
Global Firepower Index (GFP) –
Military Strength Ranking 2019
Global Fire Power✍ Top 4 Countries:
1. United State (US)
2. Russia
3. China
4. India
Nation Brands 2019Brand Finance✍ Topped by USA (7.2% growth in brand value to $27,751 bn.) follow by China and Germany
✍ India rank 7th (18.7% growth in brand value to $2,562
Global Hunger Index 2019Irish aid
agency Concern Worldwide and
German organisation Welt
Hunger Hilfe
✍ India rank 102nd out of 117 countries with the GHI score of 30.3
World Bank Ease
of Doing Business 2020 report
World Bank’s (WB)✍ Top 3 Countries:
1. New Zealand
2. Singapore
3. Hong Kong SAR, China
✍ India ranked 63rd
Global Microscope 2019: The
enabling environment for
financial inclusion
Economist Intelligence
✍ Top 3 Countries:
1. Columbia
2. Peru
3. Uruguay
✍ India ranked 5th
Emerging Economies University Rankings 2019Times Higher Education✍ Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangaluru retains the highest spot for India (14th), followed by the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (27th).
2019 Rural Swachhta Survey
(Sanitation Survey)
Swachh Bharat Mission✍ Top 3 Districts:
1. Peddapalli (Telangana)
2. Faridabad(Haryana)
3. Rewari((Haryana)
Crime in India Report 2017National Crime Records Bureau
✍ List of states in crimes against women:
1. Uttar Pradesh
2. Maharashtra
3. West Bengal
India Innovation Index 2019National Institution for
Transforming India(NITI) Aayog
along with the Institute for
✍ Top 3 Most innovative state:
1. Karnataka
2. Tamil Nadu
3. Maharashtra
Composite Water
Management Index
2019” (CWMI 2.0) for
the year 2017-2018
NITI Aayog in association with
Ministry of Jal Shakti and
Ministry of Rural Development
✍ Top 3 States:
1. Gujarat
2. Andhra Pradesh
3. Madhya Pradesh
Ease of Doing Business (EDB) index 2018Asia Competitiveness Institute’s (ACI)✍ Top three states:
1. Andhra Pradesh
2. Maharashtra
3. Delhi
World Reputation Ranking 2019Times Higher Education✍ Top 3 Institutions:
1. Indian Institutes, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bengaluru
2. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras
3. Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal
Installation of
rooftop solar
projects in India
Union Minister of State for
New and Renewable Energy
and Power
✍ Top 3 States:
1. Gujarat (261.97 MW)
2. Maharashtra (198.52 MW)
3. Tamil Nadu (151.62 MW)
State Rooftop Solar
Attractiveness Index
2019 (SARAL)
Union Minister of
State for Power and New &
Renewable Energy (IC) and
Skill Development &
✍ Top 3 States:
1. Karnataka (78.8)
2. Telangana (72.2)
3. Gujarat (67.9)
The Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) for 2017-18National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO)✍ Highest unemployment rate among the states:
1. Nagaland(21.4%)
2. Goa(13.9%)
✍ Lowest unemployment rate among the states:
1. Meghalaya (1.5%)
2. Chhattisgarh
3. Sikkim
Automated Teller Machine (ATM) frauds in India for the FY 2018-19RBI’s data is collected by Times of India✍ Top 4 States:
1. Maharashtra
2. Delhi
3. Tamil Nadu
4. Karnataka
Amounts of less than Rs 1 lakh were not considered for the data. Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, and Tripura were the only three states which did not report a single incident
Health Index of IndiaNITI Aayog✍ Kerala is the top ranking state in terms of overall health performance.
✍ Uttar Pradesh is the worst state in terms of overall health performance.
India’s top 10 Police Stations for 2019Ministry of Home Affairs✍ Top 3 Police Stations
1. Aberdeen police station from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands
2.  Balasinor police station from Gujarat
3. Ajk Burhanpur from Madhya Pradesh
 Global Climate Risk Index (CRI) 2020Germanwatch✍ India ranked 5th in the global list of most climate-affected country in 2018
India Skills Report 2020Various Organizations✍ Top 3 States In Employability:
2.Tamil Nadu
3.Uttar Pradesh
Worldwide Arms Sales Report 2018Stockholm International Peace
Research Institute
✍ Top 3 Countries:
1.United States
3.United Kingdom
✍ India ranked 10th in the overall country
Human Development index 2019United Nations
✍Top 3 Countries:
✍  India ranked 129th
Gender Gap Index 2019World Economic Forum✍ Top 3 Countries:
✍ India slipped four places and is in the 112th place in the Gender Gap Index
Sustainable Development
Goals (SDG) India Index
NITI Aayog✍  Top 3 states:
1. Kerala topped the index with a score of 70.
2.Himachal Pradesh with a score of 69.
3.Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu together ranked at the third position with a score of 67.


  • World’s busiest airport – Dubai International (DXB) airport.
  • World Steel Association Report – India has replaced Japan as became second-largest steel producing country.
    1. China is the largest producer of crude steel
  • World’s largest economies – India surpassed the UK in the 2019 rankings of the world’s largest economies to become the World’s Fifth Largest Economy
  • List of Top 3 Polluted Cities in the world by WHO & Climate Trends:
    1. Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh
    2. Faridabad in Haryana
    3. Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh
  • Water Stress Index 2019 – India ranked as the 46th highest risk country in the world. Chennai is the “tip of the iceberg” for India’s water-stressed cities.
  • The International Migrant Stock 2019 by United Nations (UN) – India topped the country of origin of international migrants in 2019 with 17.5 million migrants globally, making it the largest diasporas in the world. Country-wise, United States (US) hosted a large no. of international migrants at 51 million equalling 19% of the world’s total.
  • India Corruption Survey 2019 report the Corruption rate in India fell by 10% in 2019. Rajasthan ranked as the most corrupt state having 78% citizens indulged in bribery
  • India leads the world with about 2.3 million (23,26,771 deaths) in 2017 in terms of premature deaths due to pollution.
  • The number of scientific papers published worldwide for the year 2019. India was ranked as the world’s 3rd largest publisher of science and engineering(S&E) articles.

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