Current Affairs India Important Rank and Index of 2018


Yearly Current Affairs  important India Rank and Index updates for State PSC, SSC, IBPS, Rail and other competitive exams.

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India Important Rank and Index – January 2018 to December 2018.

  • Gender Gap Index 2018 ⇒ Published by World Economic Forum ⇒ India  rank 108th and Iceland rank 1st
  • Global Competitiveness Index 2018 ⇒ Published by World Economic Forum⇒ India rank 58th  and USA rank 1st followed by Singapore
  • Inclusive Development Index ⇒ Published by World Economic Forum India rank 62nd and Norway rank 1st
  • Human Development Index ⇒ Published by UNDP  ⇒ India rank 130th  and Norway rank 1st followed by Switzerland and Australia
  • United Nation’s E-Government Index 2018 ⇒ India rank 96th and Denmark rank 1st
  • Ease of Doing Business Index 2019 ⇒ Published by World Bank ⇒ India rank  77th  and  New Zealand rank 1st
  • Ease of Doing Business : Trading Across Borders 2019   India rank 80th
  • Human Capital Index ⇒ Published by World Bank ⇒ India rank 55th and Singapore rank 1st followed by South Korea
  • Global Hunger Index 2018 ⇒ Released by Concern Worldwide(Ireland) and welthungerhilfe(Germany) ⇒ India rank 103rd  and Belarus rank 1st
  • Index of Economic Freedom 2018 ⇒ Published by  The Heritage Foundation)  ⇒ India ranks 130th  and Hong Kong rank 1st
  • Economic Freedom in the World ⇒ Published by Centre for Civil Society along with Canada’s Fraser Institute  India rank 96th, Hong Kong top the list and Venezuela last (162nd) the list.
  •  Global Innovation Index 2018 ⇒ Published by Cornell University and World Intellectual Property Organisation(WIPO) ⇒ India rank 57th and Switzerland rank 1st
  • International Intellectual Property Index ⇒  Released by US Chamber of Commerce  India rank 44th and USA rank 1st
  •  Nation Brands 2018 ⇒ Released by Brand Finance⇒ India rank 9th  and US rank 1st followed by China
  •  Global RTI Rating ⇒ Published by  Transparency International ⇒  India rank 6th, Afghanistan rank 1st  and Austria – last (123rd) in the list.
  •  Theft ranking’ of nuclear weapons in Nuclear Security Index ⇒ Released by Nuclear Threat Initiative ⇒India rank 19th and Australia rank 1st shares with Switzerland
  • Liveability Index 2018 ⇒ Released by Economist Intelligence Unit⇒ Vienna top the Index and  Delhi(112th) & Mumbai(117th) – only two cities that featured in the EIU’s annual index
  • World Happiness Index ⇒ Published by  UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network)  ⇒ India rank 133rd  and  Finland rank 1st
  • World Bank Remittance Report 2018  ⇒ India($80 billion) topped the list follow by China($67 billion) rank 2nd
  • Environmental Performance Index 2018 ⇒ Released  by Yale and Columbia Universities along with the World Economic Forum⇒ India rank 177th  and Switzerland  rank 1st
  • Emitter of Carbon Dioxide in the World  ⇒ Top 4 countries are  China(1st), US(2nd), EU(3rd) and  India(4th)
  • Commitment to Reducing Inequality(CRI) Index ⇒ Published by Oxfam International ⇒ India rank 147th  and Denmark rank 1st followed by Germany(2nd), Finland(3rd)
  • Passport Index 2018 ⇒ Released by Henley ⇒Indian passport rank  81st and Japan’s passport ranks 1st
  • Global Passport Power Index ⇒ India rank 66th  and Germany topped the list also share with Singapore
  • Global Passport Power Rank 2018 ⇒ Released by Arton Capital  India rank 140th and UAE topped the list
  • World Press Freedom Index 2018 ⇒ Released by Reporters Without Borders ⇒  India rank 138th and Norway rank 1st
  • According to Reporters Without Borders(RSF)  ⇒ Afghanistan is the most deadliest place  and India is the fifth most deadliest place for journalist
  •  Global Annual Talent Ranking ⇒ Released by IMD Business India rank 53rd and Switzerland topped the list
  •  The Climate Change Performance Index ⇒ Released by Germanwatch, New Climate Institute and Climate Action Network Europe ⇒  India rank 11th, Sweden –  1st, Saudi Arabia – 60th(last) and USA ranks 59th
  • Smartphone market ⇒ Released by Research firm Canalys⇒  China topped the list follow by  India(2nd ) and USA(3rd).
  •  World Energy Outlook ⇒ Published by The International Energy Agency China rank 1st and India will overtake the US to become the world’s second biggest emitter of carbon dioxide from the power sector before 2030
  •  Global Nutrition Report 2018  India(46.6 million children who are stunted) tops the list followed by Nigeria(13.9 million) and Pakistan(10.7 million)
  •  Oxford Economics Report World’s Fastest Growing Cities Surat ranks 1st followed by Agra, Bangalore
  •  Highest Paid Female Athletes 2018(Forbes)  Topped by Serena Williams and P.V. Sindhu(from Indian) rank 7th.
  •  World’s 100 most Powerful Women(Forbes) ⇒ Topped by German Chancellor Angela Merkel followed by UK PM Theresa May and  Four Indians in the list – Roshni Nadar Malhotra(57th), Kiran Mazumder Shaw(60th), Shobana Bhartia(88th) and Priyanka Chopra(94th)
  •  The Global University Employability Ranking 2018  ⇒  The harvard University top in the list followed by the California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institution of Technology and 28th – IIS Bangalore & 53th – IIT Delhi(among the top 100 institutes)
  •  Credit Suisse Family 1000 in 2018 study ⇒ Released by Credit Suisse Research Institute ⇒ China rank 1st and India rank 3rd
  • Global Optimism Index for Q2 of 2018 ⇒ Released by Grant Thornton’s International Business Report  Indonesia rank 1st and India rank 6th
  • Date Speed (4G) by Tester Ookla ⇒ India speed rank 109th  and  Qatar rank 1st
  •  Asian Development Bank(ADB)’s report titled Asian Economic Integration Report 2018 ⇒ Most of the international migrants in 2017 were from India followed China, Bangladesh. Intraregional migrants to India largely come from neighboring countries such as Bangladesh(3.1 million), Pakistan(1.1 million) and Nepal(0.5 million)

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